360 ViSi

Increased access to training in European health education through 360° video simulation technology.

The Project Story

Zero surgical failures

Date October 8, 2020
The leading education technology event in the Nordics, the KnowHow EdTech conference, went online this...

Why 360ViSi?

Date August 3, 2020
In this video, hear from some of the partners why they believe 360 video simulation...

The instrument game

Date July 22, 2020
Getting used to working in an operating room takes time and practice. Turku Game Lab...

An ocean of opportunities

Date June 2, 2020
Each partner of the 360 Video Simulation project should develop a solution to an identified...

Kick-off meeting

Date March 5, 2020
4 - 5 March all seven partners did a two-days workshop in Valencia. The objectives...

See what 360 video is all about. Start the video below and use your cursor to navigate around the room.

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