During the 360ViSi project, a number of case studies have been performed to explore different methods, approaches and areas of use for 360° simulation. Here’s a description of all the cases and links to the developed solutions.

We hope our catalogue of cases can provide you with useful information that you can learn from – and maybe even use as templates for producing your own simulations.

Please make sure you have a solid internet connection before accessing the solutions to get the intended user experience.

Health education cases

Case description: Postoperative care

360° video simulation that aims to help students master postoperative care.

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Case description: Ward round

Interactive 360° training environment for nursing students who are preparing for clinical practice.

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Case description: Community Nursing Scenario

Interactive 360° training to help students understand the role of the community nurse.

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Case description: Fluid balance on a critical care patient

Interactive training environment to teach students to estimate fluid balance on patients in the Intensive Care Unit.

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Business cases

Case description: Stavanger Art Museum

Art exhibitions made accessible to a wider audience through 360° technology.

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Case description: Stavanger Cathedral School

Interactive tour into the historic buildings of one of the oldest schools in Stavanger.

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Screenshot from the web solution
Case description: 360° sports training sessions

Immersive experience from training sessions in football and tennis, to engage fans.

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Case description: 360° golf instruction video

Golf instrucions with an added immersive learning experience through 360° technology.

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More case descriptions will be published soon!