Lead Partner

The University of Stavanger

Mr Atle Løkken, Director at the Department for e-learning, at the University of Stavanger, [email protected]

Partner Universities

The University of Nottingham

Mrs Heather Wharrad, Professor of e-Learning and Health Informatics, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, [email protected]

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Mrs Esther Navarro, Dr of Nursing, [email protected]

Turku Universty of Applied Sciences

Ms. Jassi Aho, Project Advisor, RDI Services, [email protected]

Partner Companies


Rita Tsokkinen, Project manager, [email protected]

Quasar Dynamics

Mr Javier Ortizá, CEO, [email protected]

Screen Story

Mr Øyvind Torjusen, Producer, [email protected]

Associated Partner

Nordic Edge Expo