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Can interactive 360° simulation become a new business segment for companies with the right competence? The 360ViSi project has proved that the answer is a loud and clear: YES!  We have collected all our stories on business opportunities with 360° simulation on this page.

360 camera

One of the aspects the 360ViSi project set out to explore, was the use of 360° video in the perspective of companies that develop services, products and technology specifically related to learning.

The media industry has invested time and money in testing 360° video in broadcast and classic storytelling, without success (Solheim 2018). However, we believe there is a potential for use of 360° video in education. Our aim is to:

  • develop an innovative learning methodology for utilising 360° video technology and hence stimulate the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education and enterprises, and:
  • initiate new business opportunities of companies that develop services, products and technologies specifically related to learning. 

This is also in line with Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliances’ aim to strengthen Europe’s innovation capacity and at foster innovation in higher education, business and the broader socio-economic environment.

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Business opportunities: What we have learned so far

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