Health Education

An overall goal of the 360ViSi project is to explore the extent to which off-the-shelf 360° video tools can be used to develop training aids that may compensate for the lack of access to skills training facilities.

The intention is to find a scalable and low-cost solutions that can prepare students for both practical skills training in a lab as well as clinical practice. Increased access to affordable simulation training will also enable higher education to offer relevant study programmes in fields where skills shortages exist. 

What we have found so far

On this page you will find the 360ViSi project’s extensive analysis and study of the scientific evidence of the needs for simulation training tools in health education. These studies form the basis for the selection of cases that the project partners find most relevant for testing of 360° video-based simulations. 

Following a description of purpose and learning objectives as well as design, development process and applied tools, you may either access demonstrations of the cases or try them out yourself.  

The cases follow design principles of reusable learning objects (RLO) that may be useful in various contexts. They are systematically tested and evaluated by different groups of nursing students at the university partners of the 360ViSi project. Summaries of these evaluations will be provided in separate articles in this section as they are published.  

Please note: A significant result of the 360ViSi project is to establish a simulation methodology based on 360° video tools, media and technology. Consequently, all evaluation results are of value and will be published regardless of the conclusion and whether the students find the use of 360° video as a good or bad solution of any case. 

Examples of simulation used in health education

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