Project results

The aim of the 360ViSi project is to develop a learning methodology where immersive 360° video and interactivity are combined to make engaging simulation training.

Here are some of the planned results, which will be published here as soon as they are developed:

  • Detailed description of simulation training methodology
  • User guide on basic production of 360° video
  • Digital 360° video tools for production of self-contained Reusable Learning Objects (RLO)
  • User guide on procedures for using the digitals tools
  • User guide on publishing RLOs produced using digital tools

List of results

User guide for creating interactive 360° video.

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Specific needs for simulation tools in Health Education:

We have identified six areas.

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Review of current literature on simulation training in Health Education.

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Principles for designing, using and sharing reusable learning objects

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