The project story

Screen Story’s workshop

Project partner Screen Story held a workshop about 360 video for all their colleagues across Norway. Have a look for yourself

Screen Story is a Norwegian film company with eight offices and 50 employees. The Stavanger office decided to host a digital workshop to share with the entire company what their participation in the 360ViSi project involves.

Stian Skjerping from Screen Story presenting the 360ViSi project, as well as the opportunities and challenges of using 360 technology.

Stian Skjerping and Pål Berg Mortensen were in charge of the session.

The workshop features:

  • Presentation of the 360ViSi project and Screen Story’s involvement
  • Description of Screen Story’s cases
  • Discovered opportunities – and challenges
  • Description of methods and equipment used
  • Presentation of different kind of 360 cameras
  • …and more!

Watch the workshop here

(English subtitles)