The project story

Successful project meeting in Turku

Planning the remaining tasks, sharing knowledge and preparing information for the final report was part of the agenda when 360ViSi project partners gathered in Turku, Finland, for the final transnational project meeting.

The 360ViSi project is entering into its final stretch, and after producing several cases, new insight and understanding has been gained.

“Each partner has investigated how interactive 360° technology can be used in education from slightly different angles, so knowledge sharing is definitely adding quality to the project,” says Atle Løkken, Project Manager for 360ViSi, and Director of Department for e-learning at the University of Stavanger.

The effect of meeting physically

Representatives from all seven partners and three countries took part in the transnational meeting, hosted by Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku UAS.

project group photo
The 350ViSi project group on Turku UAS’ campus. Project Manager Atle Løkken far left.

Løkken believes meeting each other physically to discuss challenges, findings, and the way forward, makes a stronger impact than digital meetings.

“We’ve had conversations and knowledge exchange that would never happen without this group of people being in the same room together,” Løkken states.

Way forward

Solving challenges and looking for the cheapest, smartest, and easiest ways to apply 360° technologies to education and business, were some of the topics discussed at the meeting.

The project group also launched initial ideas for possible new applications for Erasmus+ projects, to build on the knowledge gained from the 360ViSi project.

Tour of Turku UAS labs

The project partners were invited to visit the Future Intelligent Technology labs at the university for demos and cases from related projects and development work.

Project engineers Pau Rodríguez and Víctor Blanco Bataller from Valencia demonstrated a 360 training environment developed by Turku UAS.

Project engineers Pau Rodríguez and Víctor Blanco Bataller.

Visiting the mini hospital

The team also visited Turku UAS mini hospital, which is used for training in the university’s degree programme for nursing.

Principal Lecturer Tiina Nurmela (far right below) guided the visitors and explained the different features in the room.