An ocean of opportunities

Each partner of the 360 Video Simulation project should develop a solution to an identified case, that will be developed throughout the project period 2020-2022.

The research group at University of Stavanger (UiS) in Norway, led by Ingrid Tjoflåt and Bodil Bø Våga, had a discussion with fellow colleagues, to start the work with identifying test cases relevant for the Norwegian students. The tasks to discuss in the meeting were:  What kind of situations need more practise? What areas of practice should it cover? What themes should be chosen? What age groups are in the focus?

It was mportant to the group to introduce students to working life situations they do not have access to in their practice periode.

“To make good cases from situations in home nursing, where the nurses operate entirely on their own, is highly needed,” said Torunn Strømme, one of the participants in the discussion.

“There is also a need for educational simulations from situations that are rare but one must be prepared for. Such as for example, children and crisis situations, trauma situations and so on”, she continues.

Now, the UiS group will have to prioritize along with the other partner institutions in relation to which cases are to be produced in the project, to test out the production method.  

“The important thing is to clearly identify the learning outcome for the students. A 360 case will include a huge variety of elements relevant to discussion; communication and relational things, hard-core academic elements etc. So we need to be aware of the main focus for each case”, emphasized Ingrid Tjoflåt.