Kick-off meeting

4 – 5 March all seven partners did a two-days workshop in Valencia.

The objectives of the workshops were to get to know eachother, eachothers’ competencies and motivation, as well as getting a grasp of the possible outcomes of the project.

Universidad Católica de Valencia was the excellent host for the meeting.
Atle Løkken, which is the Project Manager at this point, emphasized the importance of the short-term work packages, but also the long-term results and impact, such as change of learning practice and business opportunities for the business partners.

On the very first day, every partner held presentations, followed by a plenary discussion. It was of great value that the business partners presented their focus areas concerning the technologies. The dissimination team also presented their plans for dissemination and exploitation of the project.

The second day was dedicated to a more in-depth discussion of possible solutions and sharing ideas about where 360 video can be used as a tool in health education. After the kick-off meeting all partners continue their work, and will collaborate through video meetings on a regular basis.