The project story

Turku UAS students with thesis subjects related to 360° video

In the 360ViSi project, Turku UAS’ students took advantage of the project’s theme and lessons learnt in their thesis.

Many topics prepared the future nurses in treating a special patient group such as toddler after a tonsillectomy, a heart-attack patient, or young people with a physical trauma. Also, challenging behaviour like violence or anxiety can be prepared for using 360° video. Part of the students developed a manuscript as a part of their thesis.

Altogether 23 students focused on 360° video-related subjects in their thesis. One was a Master’s thesis and the 13 others a Bachelor’s thesis.

Thesis results in blogs

The students summarized their thesis learnings in a blog – and you can visit them through the links below.

Some internet browsers have a translator function that enables reading the Finnish text in the default language.


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