The project story

Test of LIVE 360° video

How does LIVE 360° video work – and could it be useful in any way? We performed a test during a workshop in Stavanger. Have a look at the footage to see how it worked out.

While the rest of the project group was gathered in a meeting room on campus at the University of Stavanger, Screen Story’s Stian Skjerping went downtown Stavanger to demonstrate how 360° video can be used LIVE and with very little equipment.

The equipment used:

  • Clip on microphone (Lavalier)
  • Mobile phone with 4G for streaming to YouTube
  • Insta360 camera

Watch the test in the video below. Navigate the image 360 degrees by using your computer mouse. Please note that you can only hear Stian Skjerping’s part of the dialogue with the rest of the project group.

The actual test starts 4:50 into this video.

Read more about the project meeting in Stavanger.