Workshop on 360 video in education

When University of Stavanger’s Future Classroom Lab hosted a workshop about the use of 360° video in education, we were invited to present findings and cases from the 360ViSi project.

University of Stavanger’s Future Classroom Lab is an arena where students and staff at the teacher training courses can test and explore digital tools for use in teaching. The goal is that student teachers enter the classrooms of the future with high professional digital competence.

Students and teachers from the Stavanger region took part in the workshop, where several of the cases from the 360ViSi project were presented and created the basis for useful discussions.

Representatives from project partners Screen Story and University of Stavanger presented the 360ViSi project. °

Project manager for the Future Classroom Lab, Paolo H. Scarbocci is excited about how 360° video can be used in education:

«The future is now! We can already take use of the advantages that 360° video can give us, as a great tool for learning in schools and higher education. This will give students the opportunity to produce and create truly cool immersive and virtual experiences that may inspire and engage the students in a much deeper way, but also provide them with a cognitive endurance to stay into these self-created worlds with joy and curiosity,” Scarbocci says.

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